Baitball ~ ~ January 2022 - March 2022

Gern en Regalia is excited to present ‘Eat your Gern’ curated by Hanna Umin for Baitball 2, 2022 in poligano, Italy on January 17th including artists Kamil Sznajder & Hugo Kaszycki, Urbain Checcaroni , Matthias Odin, Mikkel Carlsen, and Mario Miron Eat Your Gern is a sadomasochistic play on the gallery's esoteric name in which the food is free-- but the guests aren't. Steeped in adolescent odor, Mario Miron's tribute to prog metal and funk guitarist Buckethead, and Kamil Sznajder & Hugo Kaszycki’s plush-rot figure are our guests. They are tied up for a force-feed smorgasbord: goopy slop bowls by Matthias Odin, weeping dried meat platters by Urbain Checcaroni, and scittering animistic bottles by Mikkel Carlsen goad the bound characters. The table is cruel and absurd, yet takes joy in the cursed daydream, in juvenile mischief. Stick out your tongue! Smell this jar! Eat your Gern! Installed by Hanna Umin and Urbain Checcaroni