Joel Dean: Bubble ~ May 30, 2019




Joel Dean, Piss Shirt

Abby LLoyd, Lady thinking of Joe Speier

Ross Meckfessel, Yellow 16mm Core

Kevin Hollidge and Julia Eshagpour, Painted Tile

Joe Greer, Parasite

Ficus Interfaith, Faith Flag

Lily Bartle, All My Regrets and Resentments

Collin Leitch, Paris Spleen cut into equilateral triangle

Elliott Cost,

Philip Hinge, In My Dreams I Could Die

Betty Roytburd, Ghost Moomin

Anthony Atlas, R.Kelley "R" album on cassette

Samson Stilwell, Time speed car

Hanna Umin, Untitled, cast wax, wick, wire, capsule of the artists spit

Kate Ruggeri, My Longest chapstick in my possesion

Sofia Sinbaldi, 6 dolls and 4 balls

Sean Tatol, Roman coin

Myranda Gillies, Truth + Consequences, 2 Seahorses skeletons, lava, cloth, HA matchbox

Jack Merlwether, Black Hole Poem

Dillon Petito, Iphone Rare Earth Metals, TRansistors containingrare earth metalsextracted from iphone 5, glass and plastic container

Laurel S., Dry Sock

Gregory Kalliche, Gonna Get Along Without You Now(Champagne)

Tim Gentles, Dinner Place Card

Zoe Brezsny / Rod RolandPoem

Victoria Haynes, My two sisters helping each other make a Cairn

Nick DeMarco, Light bulb

Alec Petty, "We're only in it for the money / Nature's Prophet (Little Dragons)"

Anna Frost, Keep Kalm & Drink Wine Mint Box with Bottle shaped Mints from Office Depot, Los Angleles

Lily, Cammisa, Ashlyn, Paige, Ladies, girls

Tessa Bolsover, Untitled

Michael Cavuto, from The Shades

Joel Dean, Heart Lock