Justin Cole Smith ~ Pop Fly

10:00, 2017, ink-jet print, tarp, joint compound, acrylic, on panel

At Least I Had Deja-Vu, 2017, Mat board, cardboard, pencil, Ink - jet print, on panel

Up Against A Fence And A Hard Rock, 2017, mat board, pencil, ink jet print, glue, on dremeled panel

Finding a Happy Home, 2017, joint compound, glue, mdf, acrylic, ink-jet print on panel

Sepulveda scratch off, 2017, painted privacy screen, ink-jet print on panel

Notice me, 2017, ink jet print

My Everlasting K, 2017, ink-jet print, paper, pencil, acrylic, glue, joint compound on panel

On The Corner of Now and Later, 2017, ink-jet print, joint compound, glue, on panel