Uncoiling ~ 246 east 4th street ~ Morell Cutler, Steven Vainberg, Catherine Mulligan, Henri Paul Broyard, Audrey Gair, Henri Paul Broyard and Hanna Umin

Cafe world featuring Hanan Umin Live painting and Mario Miron, Samson Stilwell, Michael Cavuto performing instruments



Morell Cutler, Make Yourself. Graphite and oil pastel on paper . 2021

Audrey Gair,Something Outside. Oil on linen on found paper with wood frame. 2021

Catherine Mulligan, Defaced Wall. Oil on board , 2021

Steven Vainberg, Honey Chain. Shiitake Mushrooms, Gouache and Clay slip on canvas. 2021

Henri Paul Broyard, DV14. Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 2020

Henri Paul Broyard, BMRU. Acrylic on canvas. 2021

Audrey Gair, Dirty Subway Window. Oil on linen on panel with wood frame. 2021

Catherine Mulligan, Untitled. Oil on board

Morell Cutler, Disguised Info-verse. Graphite and oil pastel on paper. 2021

Steven Vainberg, Time Ends. Gouache and clay slip on canvas over panel. 2021

Catherine Mulligan, Dating Scam. Oil on board.

Hanna Umin, Live painting