Victoria Haynes

Dulcimer (for Lydia), 2018. Wood (ebony and birch), jewelry, copper and steel strings; party streamers; colored pencil, plastic tubing, paper rubbings, yarn

Measures for Treasures, 2018. Resin; wax; birch; copper and steel strings; pearls; plastic tubing; ebony; blood stains; beetle kill wood

Fantasies, f. Shirley Jackson, 1965-2018.Graphite; colored pencil and ink on inkjet; laser-etched medallion; Famous Sally; party streamers

Decision Kit, 2018. Wood (birch ply, ebony, southern pine); ivory; brass; bronze castings; graphite and colored pencil; textile

.Drawing (#32 of 33), 2018.Colored pencil and ink on inkjet.

Unnameables, 2018. Beetle Kill Wood; copper; lanyard; bronze; laser-etched medallion