Irina Jasnowksi Pascual ~ 'Puccinis Fire 1' ~





360 degree video

Glass Guess. Jacket, borosilicate glass, chair. 2021.

Lamp. Lightbulb, wig, headphones, color pencil, magnetic eyelashes, lipstick, blush, graphite, aluminum wire, borosilicate glass. 2021

The Kiss (1896). Aluminum, plasticine, resin, jackets, tubing, found objects, copper wire, carpet.

Recliner 1/2. Charcoal on paper, found cardboard 2022.

The Narrator. Car light, fleece jacket, fur, oil pastel on photo paper, computer chair. 2019

Rodolfo Reincarnate. Cardboard, car part, borosilicate glass plasticine conduit wire, 3d printed bone, 2021.

Liquid Transmission Face (Visible Tear Duct). Water, borosilicate glass 2021.

Foil Face. Tin foil, fleece, mannequin. 2019

Corrugated Harp. Charcoal on cardboard .2019

Wind. Mixed media, drawing. 2022

Speaker. Washing machine drum, MCM steel stand, wig, airplane blanket, foam head, furry stool 2019.

Unknown Portrait. Acrylic on paper. 2020

A Dialogue. Cooking tray, duct tape, socks, plastic legs, found objects. 2021.

Aluminmum Drawing. Sandcast aluminum, wire, model helicopter 2017.

Mesh Bust. Steel wire, borosilicate glass, brass wire, plexi. 2021

Met Opera Ghost. Oil on envelope and found object. 2022.


Untitled. Ink, graphite, gel medium, watercolor on paper, xerox transfer, photograph, acrylic. 2020

Live Music Tonight

Orchestra Pit. Ink, graphite, plastic. 2022

Man Falling. Charcoal, ink, marker, plasticine and watercolor on paper 2018.

Sousaphone. Graphite and acrylic on paper 2017.

Grounded. Tap airplane blanket, plastic legs, plastic sneakers, speaker. 2022