sunthread ~ ektor garcia, Olivia Neal and Astrid Terrazas



Astrid Terrazas, Subterranean crop fork (hydro). stoneware, glass. 2020

Astrid Terrazas, Exquisite corpse I. stoneware. 2020

Astrid Terrazas, Exquisite corpse II, stoneware. 2020

Astrid Terrazas, Exquisite corpse III La Serpiente stoneware. 2020

Astrid Terrazas, Exquisite corpse IV stoneware, 2020

Olivia Neal, Memnonia Quadrangle, jacquard hand woven cotton, copper wire and artificial sinew, on acrylic lucite dowel, 2013

ektor garcia, siéntate belts, found chair, 2018

Astrid Terrazas, Cantando himnos en el jardin atrás de Walgreens, acrylic, synthetic hair, stoneware. 2020 /

Olivia Neal, Untitled drawing 1, pencil on paper. 2020

Olivia Neal, Untitled drawing 2, pencil on paper. 2020

Olivia Neal, Untitled drawing 3, pencil on paper. 2020

Olivia Neal, Untitled drawing 4, pencil on paper. 2020

Olivia Neal, Untitled drawing 5, pencil on paper. 2020

Olivia Neal, Untitled drawing 6, pencil on paper. 2020

ektor garcia, portal, Red Bluff, leather, copper pipes,welded steel, 2020

ektor garcia, boceto pora portal, ink on paper on steel, 2020

ektor garcia, (i can't afford to live here can't afford to die here) I began this piece during the pandemic, on a rooftop in Mexico City. Using a power drill and a paint mixer I combined water and various minerals to create a stoneware clay body inside of a large plastic trashcan. Once combined, my friend Yadira García Rubio and I laid the clay out to dry on plaster slabs made by another friend of ours, Chavis Marmol. During the time it took the clay to fully dry I flew to New York to purchase specialty glazes, underglazes, and tools to bring to my ceramic studio in Mexico. Once back in my studio, I used these glazes to finish the piece and fired it in my friend Dago's studio Taller Cobalto. The same day the piece came out of the kiln, Yadira packed it into a suitcase and brought it here to Gern en Regalia. Eric Strothmann edited this title.

glazed stoneware, red light bulb, metal, crocheted leather, 2020

ektor garcia, fleisch und stahl (portal Gdlbushwiqué), leather, steel, 2020

ektor garcia, portal, Essen, artificial waxed sinew thread, copper. 2020

ektor garcia, cuerno de chivo, latex, ceramic, horse hair, 2020

Olivia Neal, Miss You Always, jacquard hand woven cotton, found ribbon, interfacing, craft glue. 2015

Astrid Terrazas, The thorn will lick its own wounds! These voices hurt! acrylic . 2020

Astrid Terrazas, Invierno, otono, verano, primavera (Tessa Bolsover) stoneware, hair, brick. 2020

Olivia Neal, Untitled (body bag III), jacquard hand woven cotton and artificial sinew, polyester rope; found rock. 2013

Astrid Terrazas, Bitter fruit from Mother Violence papier-mache, glass, plaster, . 2020

Astrid Terrazas, El invitado, Gouache on paper , 2020

Astrid Terrazas, Rotation #2 stoneware, epoxy, metal brackets , 2019

ektor garcia, “The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers.” ― James Baldwin. steel, 2020

ektor garcia, pigeon fossil rebar steel, fossilized limestone, rebar , 2020

ektor garcia, no thanks, steel, leather, cotton, copper, 2020

Olivia Neal, A Plea For Tenderness , cross stitched cotton and artificial sinew, aida cloth and acrylic paint on wood dowel, 2020

outside ~ ektor garcia

ektor garcia, piramide, glazed ceramic, steel, magnet, bricks 2020

ektor garcia, handimann, ceramic, 2019

ektor garcia, persona pensando en cabezas colosales olmecas, ceramic head sculpture , 2019

ektor garcia, esencia figuras, steel, rebar, copper, leather from Mexico, Moroccan lemon wood, brass, spiderweb, 2019

ektor garcia, la llorona,welded steel, 2015

ektor garcia, 18 elements, (outside ceramics), 2020